An Irish Christmas Miracle


And LO! did a Christmas miracle occur!


The dog still abed, paw sore from mishap,
I'd just gotten up from a long winter's nap,
When down in the kitchen there arose such a clatter,
I sprinted downstairs to see what was the matter.

Doggy paw, bandaged. *sad face*

Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,
Threw open the door after the mail slot's loud crash.
Not a soul did I see, the street oddly hushed,
My hopes for a package, alas, cruelly crushed.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But an An Post carrier in sprightly green gear.
"Katrina Stovold?" he asked with a flourish,
The package he bore filled me with courage.

"'Tis I!" came the words to my great grinning gob.
He handed it over; I muffled a sob.
No waiting, no phoning, no paying a fee!
An Post brought my package directly to me.

Then off like a shot, he disappeared to his lorry
Bearing more gifts, delivering glory.
I zipped up the stairs to share with my pup,
He emerged from the blankets with a look that said " 'sup?"

Delicious Mac N Cheese...

The box from the States, oh the wonders untold!
Macaroni and Cheese! American gold.
A stocking, some chocolate, rice candy, too.
Star Wars jelly beans in sparkling blue!

Many more little presents, all sent by my mom,
American things! For my soul, a great balm.
My dinner this evening, orange and delicious,
Delivered this day – oh, how auspicious!

Immigrants and expats who range far and wide,
I wish you all packages with wonders inside.
With thanks to my mum, international post,
and all in between – 'tis you that I toast!

Star Wars Cheese. And Mac. Truly a Christmas Miracle.

Happy Solstice and Christmas, Yule and the rest,
From Cork, Ireland, I wish you the best!


(Star Wars + cheese = the best! A Christmas miracle indeed. Thanks, mom! ;)

4 thoughts on “An Irish Christmas Miracle

  1. I’m so glad the simple things from home gave you such pleasure. And I’m amazed it arrived within a week! I love your poetic efforts, too! Merry cheesy Christmas, Daughter!
    Love, Mum

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