Ultra English

A fellow travel blogger recently asked how she could modify her content to better address British readers.  I advised the following: "Add "u" and extra syllables to words like "humor" and "aluminum." Put your quote marks inside the final punctuation. Talk about football a lot. ;)"     I love Drew's comics.  He also writes …

Mysterious bee creature

  Mysterious, hovering, bee-like creature.  We found several of them holding still in formations in scattered patches of sunlight.  They were striped like bees, and not wasp-ish (well, I didn’t ask them about their politics or religion), but a passerby suggested that bees don’t hover, flies do.  So they may have been faux-bees!

Tharp Log

  Tharp Log near Crescent Meadow, Sequoia National Park. The very large sign at the site clearly stated the name sans apostrophe or "s."  Yes, I know.  It's so unnatural!


Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, California, USA It's rather Burl-esque, wouldn't you say?   Get it, get it?   Wow, tough crowd.   How has nature been amusing you lately?  

Oh, deer!

  Mule deer (I think) along the trail.  Oh, we were SO excited!  Too bad the deer wasn’t as excited to see us.  Absolutely refused to pose.  Drat!  We should have remembered the go-to call for would-be wildlife photographers: “MONKEY!”