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Finding the Words

When you travel, finding the right words to communicate can be a struggle. It may be a matter of simple politeness, ordering the right ingredients for your pizza, knowing the difference between trousers and pants, or even how to find emergency services.

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Friendship on the Inca Trail

Cuzco, Peru Today's post comes to us from Katy of www.starryeyedtravels.com.  It's a sweet little story that encapsulates one of the oft-overlooked and underrated fringe benefits of travel: new friends.     I always knew[…]

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Featured photo: mud volcano!

Cartagena, Colombia I must admit that, as a child of the 70's and 80's, the very first thing I think of when I hear "Cartagena, Colombia," is Michael Douglas's voice speaking the city's name in[…]

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