26 Sept. 2010

Cork, Ireland, along the Grand Parade.


Mmm…  delicious sausage rolls!


Mushy is good in this context.

NetworkedBlogs setting had to be tweaked, so you get another EATcork picture!  We had partaken of the meat pies at The Grafton, a local pub, a few nights prior and found them quite tasty!  Dario got a giant sausage roll and shared a few bites with me.  I had originally been planning on heading to a different stall to have Mexican food (!!!), but — brace yourselves — they had no beans.  What?  No beans?  How can you possible call it Mexican food with NO BEANS?! …some people!  I contented myself with a sage flavored sausage in a bun from O’Flynn’s, instead.  It was delish!

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