"Katrina is super righteous!"


Below are some of the delightful things that people who have known and worked with Katrina over the years, or who have simply read and become enamored of TourAbsurd (really, who wouldn’t be?), have to say.  Enjoy!




“Katrina is my darling, my angel, my all!  So precious!” – Katrina’s Mom


“[Garbled Italian and Neapolitan]!” – Katrina’s former neighbour


“I laughed so hard that milk shot out of my nose!” – Random Internet User


“I clicked ‘like’ on Facebook.” – Inspired Reader

“When I first discovered TourAbsurd I’ll admit that I thought it was some kinda performance art troupe that flagrantly indulges in wanton clown sniffing in public spaces for its own sake, and for art’s sake. Upon reading further I was much relieved – not to mention strangely aroused – to discover that in fact it is actually one of those new electrically charged guidebooks that I keep readiing about in anonymous postcards left in phoneboxes.

My spidey senses were further enflamed by the jaunty presence of a jungle hat perched nonchalantly atop the Eiffel Tower. I then proceeded to actually read the words and my eyes verily did alight also on the photographic renderings which accompanied these. Reader, it would be no understatement to report that I heartily [edited for the sake of good taste] forthwith – and with no measure of shame, let me tell you.

So how you like dem apples ah? Mm, crunchy…”

– Jools Stone of Trains on the Brain


“I’m about to move to Cork with my girlfriend.
I have to admit your posts are bloody useful and fun! Thanks :D”

– Nicol, person moving to Cork


“I had the pleasure of connecting with Katrina while she was planning a trip to Morocco. She later guest posted on my website about this trip. Her post was one of my highest commented! Katrina is incredibly well versed when it comes to travel. Her insight into different cultures and experiences is truly exceptional. I was most moved by her awareness of and willingness to embrace experiences like a local instead of a “tourist”.

Having collaborated to promote content online through social media, I can attest that she is extremely active and engaging. Not simply posting once or twice and letting things go. Her follow through and response is fabulous. Not only this, her writing skills are engaging and full of candor making hers a unique voice in a sea of travel writing. With a quick turn around needing little to no editing Katrina is a great partner to work with!”

– Amanda of MarocMama


“She lifted a burning car off my grandmother.” – Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic


“Superpants!  Amazeballs!” – Lindsay of ChickenChunk


“I’m always elated to connect with passionate travelers who love to share their story and encourage others to see the world and Katrina is definitely among that group. In addition to travel writing, Katrina is proficient with the use of social media to promote and extend her reach to larger audiences around the globe and has been a tremendous resource for many bloggers in this capacity.”

– April from The Absolute Travel Addict


“I love you, my babe!” ~ Clyde the Camel

(In response to Katrina’s winning contest entry.)

Click here to watch it on YouTube: http://youtu.be/KuWxSB0If50

(More at How to Draw Camels)


“I first worked with Katrina in the Marines 6 years ago, which made the decision to contract her out for consulting on a client’s social media project an easy decision due to my high regard for her professionalism and integrity. After working with her on a couple of social media projects I am further impressed by her abilities in this field. She was able to recommend changes to both the big picutre and actual daily operations of the corporate social media plan that led to almost immediate increases in traffic and sales from the sites. I would certainly work with her again, and recommend her to other companies looking to improve their social media and internet communication abilities.”

– Ray of RP3 Computer Services Japan


“She eats what I tell her to eat and drinks what I tell her to drink!”
– Marlys of EasyHiker


“I was looking for pr0n but found this instead.” – Googler


“As an avid traveler I want more than just a nice hotel room and location of the most popular tourist trap….I want to know where the real people of my host community are, the places that will show me the true cultural life and spirit….and food – the really, truly, best and most authentic food. On Tour Absurd I get the kind exactly the kind of tidbits that make me feel like, for a small patch of time, my host country is also my home. Katrina writes with humor and insight as she directs you to the little breakfast place that makes the best coffee, the off-the-beaten-path view that makes the most memorable photo and so many other quirky, interesting and wonderful places, sights,and sounds (a live call to prayer). Tour Absurd is unique, personal, entertaining and inspiring as it compels you to not just travel, but live your travels.”

– Charlotte J.


“Animal!  ANIMAL!  ANIMAL! – Animal of the Muppets



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