“Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy”

Comedian Louis C.K. talks with Conan O'Brien.  A hilarious chat about how far we've come technologically — and a reminder to appreciate the little things.  He's a bit more harsh in his criticism of others than I would be, but he still makes excellent points while making me laugh right out of my morning grumpiness.  ;)


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  1. Bemused Boomer says:

    I’d be happy…if…someone would just give me a donkey with pots clanging on the side…

  2. Tour Absurd says:

    I usually manage a little bit of both appreciation and annoyance when flying. Part of why I liked this video is because I really *do* think in terms of being “…in a chair! In the SKY!” Appreciation is underrated. ;)

  3. This is so true. Too bad I’ll probably still be annoyed the next time my Internet connection seems just a little bit slower :) Thanks for sharing.

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