Quote: To get away from one’s working environment…


To get away from one’s working environment is,
in a sense, to get away from one’s self;
and this is often the chief advantage of travel and change.

~ Charles Horton Cooley


Watching the sunset from atop a dune in the Moroccan Sahara.


My friend, Rachid, took this photo when we were out camping in Erg Chebbi.  One of the great worries of our companions, Ella and Barbara, when dealing with our unruly taxi driver was that they would miss the sunset.  They were only staying for one night, so if they missed it, that was it.  As you can see from the above photo, we made it in time for them to climb the huge dune (so much bigger than it's possible to capture in a photo) next to our camp and drink in the glory.

The next morning they climbed up again to watch the desert wake.  They also watched me wake and stumble around looking for a bush behind which I could potty in privacy.  Difficult when the highest point of nearby land was occupied.  Ella shouted down helpfully, "DON'T WORRY, KATRINA!  WE CAN'T SEE YOU POOPING!"  Thanks, Ella.


Where have you gone for a change of scenery?



Edit: responding to a comment below inspired me to poetry!  Here now is some clarification of that poignant moment, forever immortalized in prose!

Two climbed a dune to watch the sun,
in the course of which, they poked some fun
at a companion seeking to avoid the peek
of those who would spy her cheeks.

Despite encouragement duly shouted,
a location discreet had yet to be scouted.
Thanks to the warp and weft of the land,
a bush in accord with a dip in the sand
provided the shelter so desperately sought
and hid her bum as privacy ought!

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  1. This is the best poem ever.

    1. Thank you. If ever I end up with a headstone, perhaps this will be carved on it as my great legacy. ;)

  2. Ha! There isn’t enough potty-moment inspired travel poetry these days I find!

    1. Doing my part, Jools. Doing my part. ;)

  3. Nice poem.
    I definitely could use some time away from work environment, but that looks a little too far.

    1. Too far? Erg Chebbi? It wasn’t far enough for me! Erg Chebbi has the tallest sand dunes in Morocco, but it’s not actually that far out. The camp is only about an hour’s camel ride outside of Merzouga and, if you’re not careful, you accidentally spy parts of the town at certain points while you’re trekking through the dunes.

      I want to go back and visit Erg Chigaga, the other dune area of Morocco. The dunes aren’t as high, but it’s quieter and I think it may be a larger area. I’d also like to go to Egypt and visit the oases on camel back, though I have no idea if it’s far enough away from civilization for my tastes. I loves me some nature! :D

  4. I have never been into the desert. I would love to watch the sun rise and set from the top of a dune though.

    1. Oh, you must go, Jade! The desert is incredible. I have to go back to the Sahara — it’s simply too majestic. Go as soon as you can!

  5. Ah, climbing giant sand dunes to watch the sunrise. Beautiful stuff :) As is walking into the undergrowth with a shovel, toilet roll and a match… ahem.

    1. I think I shall henceforth refer to you as “Lolrence”. As mentioned in my reply to another comment, I was not actually engaging in such activity when Ella shouted; I was merely scouting for a suitable location. Hmm… That is inspiring me to poetry!

      [Edit: poem moved up to the post. :D]

      Hahahhaa! Not bad for having just woken up, eh? xD Omgosh, now I may have to go edit the post. a I crack me up! (Heh heh… “crack”…)

  6. Lol. But that photo is beyond stunning!

    1. FWIW, I was not engaging in such an activity when she shouted her helpful insight. Ahem. ;)

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