Featured photo: Waterford Tall Ships Race

Dunmore East, Tramore, Ireland


Today the Tall Ships Race 2011 began off the coast of Waterford, Ireland.  Hundreds of spectators watched the 50 Tall Ships (and numerous not-so-tall ships) sail down the estuary out of Waterford and head out to the open sea.  The starting point of the race was rumored to be 4 miles off the coast and many of us wondered how, exactly, you set up a line for that sort of thing.

Entrepreneurial farmers near scenic overlooks sold parking spots in their fields.  Families set up picnics, dusted off binoculars, and took photos.  Yet there was no wind to speak of!  Some of the smaller sailing ships opened their sails, but only one of the Tall Ships did.  One presumes they remedied the situation closer to the starting line.


it's a pretty LONG ship, too

Is it just me, or does Enya come to mind?


In any case, I was glad I didn't get up as early as it seemed would be required to catch an alleged 7 a.m. departure.  I got to sleep AND I got to see the one ship that unfurled its sails close to the shore.  Fantastic!

ps: this picture is proof that there is sun in Ireland!

Edit: This ship is the Europa.


Seen any historical wonders lately?


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  1. WoW! Now that’s a ship to remember. I’ve never quite seen anything like it with my own eyes before.

    1. Really? You’ve ridden an ostrich but never seen a tall ship? Come on, Samuel! You’ve got to be pulling my leg! ;)

  2. The last time we saw a tall ships race was in New Zealand – I really enjoy them. It must take some serious love and maintenance to keep those really classic ones afloat.

    1. In trying to discover the name of the one in the picture, I came across all kinds of interesting information. One thing is that most of them are “sail training” ships, where young people go to learn about practical matters of the sea & sailing, but also to see principles of physics and engineering in motion. Really, a very cool concept!

      Another thing is that these lessons don’t come cheap. 4 days aboard can cost 500-1200 euro! Some of them are also available to host corporate parties for yet another rather steep fee. So while labor of love might be a factor, I think they are funding themselves pretty well. ;)

  3. Hehe I wasn’t think Enya, more the soundtrack to Pirates of Caribbean :)

    1. There was, in fact, a little boy that was wielding both a sword and a hook, so you are not the only one thinking that! ;)

    2. I was thinking the same thing!

      1. Am I the only new age tree hugger around here? Sigh. Fine. Johnny Depp it is. …Well, really, who can argue with that? ;)

  4. That is very cool- and I love that you mentioned sunshine in Ireland! We actually got a lot of sunshine when we were near the coast too.

    1. Yes, Dario complains about other people complaining about the weather. He likes it! As for me, I lived in the Seattle area for many years, so I know how this game is played. ;)

  5. The tall ships are so impressive! Would be fun to see them set off especially in such a cool place as Waterford! I’ve seen the tall ships when they’ve been in Chicago — maybe will get to again this summer.

    1. I knew they went to Rhode Island, but didn’t know about Chicago. Hmm… it could be that a summer eating/tall ships tour could be in order one of these days. Thanks for the tip! ;)

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