Blarney Castle gardens

Blarney Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland


I love having visitors!  They give you that extra nudge to go out and see what's beautiful in your neighborhood again.  And so it was that Dario, my friend Adria, and I headed up to Blarney Castle.  The last time I'd visited it was winter, so much of the grounds and gardens were sleeping and gray.  This time, however, it was different!


Yay for summer!  (View on Flickr:


The Blarney Castle Gardens are beautiful at any time of year.  Each season highlights a different mood.  Dress in layers and bring your sense of wonder.  You'll find many lovely things to appreciate.  :)


Northern Hemisphere folks, how is your summer going?

Southern Hemisphere folks, are you keeping warm this winter?

(Equatorial folks, I envy you!  ;)


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  1. Love your post. The pictures of Blarney Castle are gorgeous. I still haven’t gotten to Ireland but it’s my hope that someday soon I’ll make it there. Also reminded me of how I don’t get to the places locally (Charleston, South Carolina) often enough. Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure! Glad you liked ’em. Yes, when I am not traveling to exotic destinations that require sunscreen and bug repellant, heading to the beautiful things right next door is a great opportunity to practice gratitude. I try to remember that the 3 countries I’ve lived in (US, Italy, and Ireland) are places that folks all over the world want to visit or move to.

      …I really must go out for a walk tomorrow! :D

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