Katie, Ruthie, and Sister Agnes! :D

Katie, Ruthie, and…  SISTER AGNES!!!  :D

Dario fools around with Sister Agnes.


On Sunday, not only did Dario and I have a lovely afternoon in Perugia, we also got the opportunity to meet a world famous celebrity: Sister Agnes.

Wow!  She’s been all over the place, traveling to locations both exotic and banal.  She’s always on the go!  I’ve been following her exploits with envy and admiration, and when I found out she was coming to Italy, I just HAD to meet her!

We learned that a groupie named Ruthie Foster had attached herself to Sister Agnes and was giving concerts in her honor all over the country.  Frankly, that kind of obsessive devotion would set my Stalker Sense tingling, but I guess Sister Agnes is more understanding than I.

Sister Agnes has an assistant named Katie, who graciously arranged an audience with Her Awesomeness.  (Katie, too, has learned to be patient with Ruthie.  It’s nice that they can be so kind to a fan that way.)  We had a few moments before the caterwauling of the concert began, so we made the most of it, snapping photos and vying for an autograph.  I got to be in a picture with S.A., but it wasn’t taken with my camera, so I don’t yet know if my slobbering fanhood will be photogenic.  When I get a copy of the pic, I’ll be sure to post it here.  ;)

  – K

ps: The Living Blues Critics’ Poll just voted Ruthie Foster the Blues Artist of the Year (Female) for 2010.  I guess stalking has some fringe benefits from time to time.

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