Piadina in Pesaro.

Pesaro, Italy

When we visited Dario's family in Pesaro they took us out for a dinner of piadina, a typical food from the region.  It's half-way between a burrito and a panino: a tortilla-like flatbread filled with meat and cheese and other toppings.


Piadina.  Mmmm!


The dinner was actually in the nearby town of Fano, which for some reason was teeming with Romans.  Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.  I must say, they looked rather more student-ly than warrior-like.


On their way to conquer more beer.


Apparently, this is an annual tradition, one weekend per year.  Still — this is far more toga action than I’ve ever seen in ROME!


Honoring the gods of shopping (too bad he's not wearing Nikes).

I appreciated all of the wacky-dress photo ops, as we needed to walk off some of that piadina poundage.


Outside of a frat party, where have you seen togas in action?  ;)


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