Day o’ Napa

8 Aug. 2010

Napa, CA, USA


A quick day trip for winetasting and visiting friends!  We stayed with my friend, Charlotte, in Marin County and dragged her along when we went to visit Emily up in Napa.  Dario and I know Emily from the time she was living and Couchsurfing in Naples.  It was so great to see both of them again, just like family!  :D


L-R: Random stranger, random stranger, Charlotte, Emily, Dario.


Hazards of the good life: dire warning outside tasting room.


"Tuscan villa."  in Napa.  It's a good try.  ;)


Mt. St. Helena nearly makes up for the fact that we didn’t make it to Mt. St. Helens in WA.  Also, rather Vesuvio-like, as Emily pointed out!


Dario recognizes a fellow Italian.


This possibly mislabled dessert was noticed by Emily.  An instrument of deliciousness, no doubt, but not a musician’s cupa-cupa!


All in all, a fantastic day!

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