The Trees of Mystery!

Redwood forest, California, USA

We woke up in our tent among the redwoods, continued south toward San Francisco, and stopped to see a few quintessentally American attractions.  Dario's first visit to the US simply had to include a visit to something silly and uniquely American!  Since we would not be passing through the midwest on this trip, there was no opportunity to stop and see the legendary Twine Ball.  I had to improvise! 

Fortunately, California did not let me down.  Care to join us on a quick photo tour?


Stopped along a scenic pullout to snap a picture of the CA coast.


Although similar to the nearby Oregon coast, the scenery was already displaying differences.


For example, nowhere on the Oregon coast do you find Paul Bunyan and Babe, the big blue ox.


Three!  Three!  THREE TREES IN ONE!


You can have weddings here.  The management assures us it's really quite lovely.


Of course, the thing that really cracks me up about the Trees of Mystery is the old fashioned (say, 50's and 60's style) dialog that plays at each stop.  I believe it is the Cathedral Tree that plays the song for Trees, a poem by Joyce Kilmer: "I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree…"  It inevitably makes me think of the Wayne and Wanda Muppet sketch.  I have the music on a Muppet Show CD and the dialog from Sam the American Eagle is even more hilarious!  Could NOT stop giggling the whole way through this walk!


Trying to take a picture of the Brotherhood Tree, but some dirty hippy got in my way.


Oh, I guess that dirty hippy was Dario.  Ok, I take it all back.  He's the cutest guy ever!


Thank you, I will.


Boy, did I let those trees have it! I mean, I had some pent up feelings about politics, taxes, renewable resources, injustice, and the lack of Mexican restaurants in Italy. But they asked for it! Unload indeed…


Spiderweb at the top of the Sky Trail.


Steller's Jay in the mist.


Not much of a panoramic view, but made up for with lovely mist and contrast!


Jay hopped to the tree on the left. You can just see him/her on the branches.


     Lots of tiny, well-fed chipmunks at the top of the Sky Trail.


There will be a few pics of chipmunks. They are just too cute!


AHA! It was a setup! Free food to attract the critters!  Aww, I don't mind. So cute!


Out of the mist and into the trees.


Fellow airborne prisoners.


I must say, I did not know that.


"Only her hairdresser knows for sure"?  Dude, I can totally see your roots.


Dario feels superior because our Amazing US History,
as illustrated by tree rings, is laughably short compared to Italy’s.  Jerk.


Duck bottoms!


In the cafe at the Trees of Mystery, you can eat under a pond.  Duck posteriors, dear friends, was a fitting "end" to our visit.  …And thus, Dario had his first encounter with a classic gem of Americana!


Where are your favorite campy, nostalgic places to visit?


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  1. Rita V. says:

    My grandfather lived somewhere nearby, so we would often visit the Sequoias when we would visit him. Unfortunately, I was very young at the time. After seeing your post, I think I need to make a trip out to reacquaint myself with these beauties!

    1. Did your grandpa live near the Sequoias or the Redwoods on the coast? We managed to squeeze in both on this trip, though it was a bit tough. I wish we’d had more time all around. California has so much natural beauty. I hope you do go back and have a visit! :)

  2. Loved, loved, loved this post!! I love to garden, but had never appreciated the beauty of trees until recent years. I’d always seen them as more utilitarian than beautiful, but I feel totally different now…thank goodness. Your pictures solidify my new-found love for these wonders of nature. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Renee! I grew up in California and visited both the coastal redwoods and the sequoias several times while living there. I can’t recommend them enough! They truly are a wonder. I hope you continue your growing (pun intended ;) appreciation of these lovely residents of our planet.

  3. That is so funny. My co-worker just mentioned about the twine ball! I thought he was BSing me until I Googled it. There must have been a large kitten at one point or another =)

    1. I think I learned about it from a Weird Al Yankovic song. I like the kitten idea, though! ;)

  4. This place looks amazing!

    1. Hey, Katherina! It is amazing. Despite the chuckles at the old fashioned style of presentation, and no matter how many times I had visited in the past, the feelings of awe and wonder do manage to sneak in. It was also really nice to have Dario there so I could see the reaction of someone viewing it all for the first time. Redwoods and Sequoias are so incredible. I feel fortunate to have been able to see both on one trip (Sequoia pics not yet posted ;). I hope you go visit in person some time. :D

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