Featured photo: Venetian scallops

Venice, Italy

This is a photo taken in the fish market in Venice, Italy.  I saw a lot of suprisingly pretty seafood, as well as some that seemed rather tragic (eels and snails that were still in various stages of being alive).  The colors and texture of this photo surprised me when I looked at it later.  I mean, yeah, that's how it really looked when I was there.  I was just pleased that it came out the way I wanted.  "Amazing!" I thought to myself.  "Maybe this photography thing is more fun than I realized!"



I hope someone recycles the packaging.  It's so lovely!


Have you ever had an "oh-my-gosh-the-photo-actually-came-out-the-way-I-intended" picture?  What about a favorite food photo?


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  1. I love when a photo comes just right! I took a pic of these cooked silk worm larvae in korea, and they are disgusting and slimey and the picture showed just that..I was delighted even though I used my crappy camera!

    1. Wait, you mean you didn’t eat them, you only took a picture?!? That may have been your only chance to eat slimy, disgusting silkworm larva — and you passed it up! :P

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