Mentioned on! :D

Cork, Ireland

Yay!  TourAbsurd got mentioned on!  :D


How to Start a Travel Blog: 4 Easy Tips


In celebration, I am sharing a picture of a gorgeous mama and baby camel discovered on Cute Overload.

Have I mentioned that I love camels?  Oh, yes, I believe I have.




They are too precious!  Makes me smile as much as the mention on Frommer's!


What's been making you smile lately?


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  1. I actually wasn’t smiling today until I saw your camel photo. Thanks! Congrats on the mention — very cool.

    1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear you weren’t smiling earlier, Cathy. I have this vision of you in my head based on your photo and writing style that paints you as a graceful, mellow, person who is smiling all the time! ;) In any case, I’m glad the camel photo got you to grin. I found it absolutely adorable. I think I love camels too much. ;)

      *hugs* and hope you have many more reasons to smile through your weekend.

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