Magical Cork

Every once in a while, I give in and believe in Irish faeries.  Sometimes it is when the house keys go missing only to reappear in a spot that has been check at least 5 times! Other times it is when we manage to sneak out to the coast and breath in that fresh Irish air while taking in views of rugged coastlines and tiny, tiny flowers hugging the cliffs.  Occasionally it is just walking around Cork and catching a whiff of hot chocolate, the sound of a hammered dulcimer along Oliver Plunkett Street, or simpy spying a random sparkle here and there.

If you squint, it looks artfully out-of-focus instead of accidentally out-of-focus.

Above is the River Lee from Patrick Street.  We were heading out to dinner with Paul and Spence, 2 Couchsurfers, when Paul pointed out the full moon.  I only had one of the little cameras with me, so it's a bit mushy.  Still, look at the colors and the reflections — lovely, lovely!

The Cork district courthouse.  Or Cork-house, if you will.

Earlier in the week, Dario and I stopped by immigration to try and take care of my temporary visa.  Alas, we did not anticipate the line would be HOURS long.  We are going to make a day of it this week and bring breakfast, books, iPods, board games,  knitting, and perhaps a copy of War and Peace.  Maybe we should bring lunch, as well.

In any case, on the way to the immigration office, we spied the courthouse across the street.  The magical sparkly bricks are so cute!  Omgosh, as long as you don't have to go inside, it's all storybooky and stuff!  (Nearly Hogwarts-ish, even.)  Adorable!

…Ok, back to work for me.  Now that the pesky WP photo function has been conquered*, along with the Demons of the Page Break Dimension, I shall resume editing the imported posts and planning my future proclamations!



*thank you Moray

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