Morocco prep: camel sketch

23 Feb. 2011

Cork, Ireland

Looking forward to my trip to Morocco in March.  Fellow travel blogger, Phil (from, has a thing for drawing camels — and for getting others to do likewise.  I find this amusing and have been thinking about it since I found out.  It's been a while since I sketched anything, so I thought this would be fun.


sketch next to original

Sketch vs. original (flipped) photo.


sketch closeup

Closeup of sketch.  Body's a little long, neck's a little short, but not too bad.


I don't know if I'll take a sketchbook with me or just wait until I get back and draw from photos.  Either way, it'll be fun!



Update: Phil has a website and a Facebook page for How to Draw Camels!



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  1. i love drawing while on the road. i think you should take something like a moleskine just in case the inspiration strikes. wont take up any space in the pack. maybe even take some water-colours. nothing better than painting/sketching from the real thing as opposed to from a photo. cool camel pic anyway!

    1. Hi, Jamie! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I think after Janet’s comment, I’m going to take something with me. Just pencils and paper, but it will be fun. :D

  2. Wow Katrina that camel drawing is pretty amazing..I doubt I could do anywhere near as good a drawing. You should totally bring a sketchbook with you, sit on some street corner drawing and it will be a sure way to befriend locals! :) Whenever I sit around drawing free hugs signs I always meet the coolest characters!

    1. Ooo, that’s a very interesting point, Janet. Hmm. I may have to reconsider this thing. I know you’re a CS-er, too, so you recognize the importance of meeting great people to make the experience meaningful. …ok, I decided. I’ll take the sketchbook! :D

      ps: I LOVE free hugs!

  3. I think your drawings are quite good….I really like them! It might be fun to draw while away–although I can understand waiting and using photos when you’re home. Cool either way.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks very much, Lisa! Part of the equation is that I’ll be flying with carry-on luggage only. I am hoping to do 3 days of camel trekking in the desert, which (with breaks) would give me ample time to doodle and sketch, but I don’t know if inspiration will strike. On the other hand, I’m pretty darned sure that photo inspiration will strike! ;)

  4. Holy crap Katrina, that is such a beautiful camel!!! Wow, you are putting my drawings to shame! Excited your trip is coming together, can’t wait to read about it! Thanks for the shout out!!

    1. Yay! He likes. :D

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