The best thing that ever was pickled.


Been a crazy week and looks to get a bit crazier in the next little while.  To keep thoughts on the happy side of life, let's talk about one of my favorite subjects: food!  Along with meeting people, learning different ways of life, and seeing amazing historical sites, food is at the top of my Reasons To Travel list.


Mmm, kimchi!  (Photo courtesy of wikimedia.)


Some of the recent talk about kimchi and cabbage shortages in S. Korea got me thinking about pickled, fermented, and otherwise preserved favorite foods.  I have only had kimchi a handful of times, but I loved it!  Even loved the kind made from radishes, which was handed to me by a reserved (skeptical? concerned?) server at a Korean restaurant in Seattle.

Growing up, the only kind of pickled anything I knew about were cucumbers, a.k.a., "pickles."  As I got older I was AMAZED to learn that other vegetables — even fish! — were preserved this way.  I don't love all of the pickled delicacies I've sampled, but I'm nearly always up to try it.

So…  what's your favorite?  :D

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  1. Smooreboz says:

    I used to love the pickled hardboiled eggs preserved in beet juice they kept in big glass jars at cheap bars.

    Whatever you like pickled, enjoy it now. As you get older and high blood pressure begins to stalk you, many delicious salty things must be excised from the diet (wah!)

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