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Howdy, kids!

If you are reading this post, it means the DNS — aka, the magical traffic wizard of the interwebs — has updated.  What you are seeing is the new and improved (well, mostly!) website for TourAbsurd.  There are still tweaks to be made and old entries to be corrected, but I was too excited about the new design to keep it under wraps!


See? I told you it would be shiny and sparkly!


The old site still has all the content that was posted up until this point.  It's been imported here with a reasonable amount of success.  Think I will need to take off this pith helmet and put on my Master Editor's cap for a while to fix it all up.  Or maybe I can swipe that wizard's cap when he turns away to deal with those buckets

Anyway, welcome to the new digs!  Make yourself comfy.  There's toast and tea in the kitchen.  Cheers!

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