Quote: …stick to it.

"Decide on what you think is right, and stick to it."

~ George Eliot (1819-1880) English Novelist


This is true for any decision, but perhaps especially for big life changes, including travel.  I've been reading that so many of my fellow travelers have been given The Fear Talk by friends and family before they set off on their adventures.  Adventures that, in many cases, ended up being life-defining in so many positive ways.

Dooo eeet!  When you get older, as they say, you'll have more regret for the things you didn't do than the things you did.  (I know for me, one of my biggest regrets was not putting Easy Cheese in that guy's shorts.  Oh, if only I could go back and to it over!)

Want to travel?  Make it a goal.  Do what it takes.  Set off on your adventure — your life is YOURS!  Live it! 

…And never miss an opportunity that involves Easy Cheese!

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