Breaking equipment creates zombies

Rome, Italy

After returning from the lovely and waistline-expanding trip to Catalonia, things went a bit loco.  First computer problems abounded.  Then, just as that was getting sorted, it was time to head to Naples for a few days to visit friends and family, and to meet Sherry Ott for a tour of Pompeii.  Then Sherry invited us to come stay in her spacious apartment in Venice –  well, how could we say no? – so we quickly switched out dirty laundry for clean in our backpacks and hopped on a train heading north.

All in all, lots o' fun (except for the computer bits), but rather exhausting!


(clicky for big 'n sharp photo)

[insert funny alt text here] ...sorry, too knackered!

Cap de Creus, Costa Brava, Spain


My Canon had started to behave in some truly horrifying ways while in Spain.  The shutter was sticking and shots were coming out under exposed, over exposed, partially obscured, or totally black.  It was tremendously disheartening and really put a damper on my blogging enthusiasm.  Still, I did manage to get a few decent shots, and of course I had the point-and-shoot for backup.

In any case, being disheartened, encountering technical difficulties, and a whirlwind of activity back home put a bit of a crimp in my writing plans.  Just now I pulled an all-nighter and wrote a piece for  I actually wrote most of it in my handy-dandy Costa Brava notebook while in the plane on the way back from Spain.  (The brain in Spain works mainly on a plane?)  Yup, I was totally roughing it.

In any case, I'm half delirious with lack of sleep right now, so I should really quick talking – er, typing – and just give you the link already.  Ok, ready?  Here we go:  three…  two… one…  LINKY!

"Art and luxury during Costa Brava's low season"

Yeah, the title is dull, but descriptive.  That's what I get for not coming up with the name while I was on the plane.  From Spain.  Um…  braaaaaiiiinsss…

Ok, I sleep now before I start shuffling around scaring the neighbors and gnawing on their heads.


What activities are compelling you to act like a zombie?


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