The Cork Accent

Found this on the Peoples Republic of Cork forums, where folks were quite outraged at his representation.  Mention of broken legs and such, eek!  …I have to say, I found it pretty funny. It's a bit Yoda-fied, but still funny. (I hope Janet, of Journalist On The Run, will forgive me for chuckling a bit.) 

I'm also laughing about the "…more importantly, I'm from Cork!" statement.  Was recently introduced to the concept of the early induction of Cork infants and children into the Importance Of Being From Cork doctrine.  Everything Cork-related is a source of pride, Corkonians know everyt'ing and can do anyt'ing, and Cork is the well from which all good things spring.  Long live Cork!



Edit: Janet told me she shows people this video all the time.  Thinks it's hilarious, even.  Whew!  :D


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