Think you know the nature of divinity?  Think again!

Hanuman, also known as Maruti, is the Hindu monkey god.  He is known as the remover of obstacles.  AND he has a sense of humour!


Hanuman_at_Maruti_Temple_PanajiLove you, Hanuman.


You'd think that with a website with the name "TourAbsurd", and the inherent comedy potential of monkeys, that I'd have something smart-mouthed or silly to say.  But I really love Hanuman.  I was honored to visit one of his temples here in Panaji (also known as Panjim) today.

Many years ago Ram Dass, an American spiritual teacher, told a story about Hanuman.  Ram is one of the many names for god.  Some pesky human or other was telling Hanuman that there was NO WAY he could have god inside him, seeing as how he was just a monkey.  Hanuman, being a bit of a trickster, as would befit his earthly form, disagreed.  He pulled open his skin and muscles to show this fellow that he did, indeed, have god inside him.  All over his ribs was written, "Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram…"  Hahahahaha! 

~  ~  ~

I've only been in India for 5 days now, but have already had some rich experiences.  I've visited the Gandhi Museum in Mumbai, taken a 12 hour train ride down to Goa, and have visited one of Hanuman's temples.  I've eaten some great food, some mediocre, but nothing awful (some of the best was at train stations!).  I've ridden in taxis and rickshaws, hoofed it through throngs of art festival goers, and even stumbled into an Irish pub!  People have been wonderful and gentle, rude and abrupt, greedy or generous.  As for myself, I've been delighted, happy, sleepy, frustrated, patient, touched, and curious.  It's all quite variable and lovely.  Looking forward to the rest of the journey!

Special thanks to Flight Network for getting me here
and to
Olympus UK for lending me a nice camera. :)

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  1. Susan Moore says:

    In the mid 1980s I attended a weekend seminar with Ram Dass at the Lama Foundation outside of Taos New Mexico. We talked about Hanuman, being here now, chanted, and danced a little. I too was touched in a surprising way.

    I was also quite taken with the idea of a spiritual deity with a monkey face and a sense of humor. And that our teacher, Ram Dass, was walking around with a bottle of beer, a radiant being with both feet on the ground.

  2. Todd says:

    So glad you are loving the experience. But make sure you give Ganesha his due, as well… a better match for “Remover of obstacles.” Hanuman is better known as “Liberator from dangers” ;-) I met Ram Das once in Portland. He told the story about how Ram had to build a bridge out to the island where his love was being held, but Hanuman, full of faith, simply leaped across.

    1. Thank you for the lovely story, Todd.

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