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Finding the Words

When you travel, finding the right words to communicate can be a struggle. It may be a matter of simple politeness, ordering the right ingredients for your pizza, knowing the difference between trousers and pants, or even how to find emergency services.

Rantypants: working overseas

Outside of the US Dear Universe, Sometimes I need to know that the door which just closed did so because another, much better one, is opening. You have my number.  Thanks. Sincerely, Rantypants   Every bed of roses has its thorn.  That smells.  Or something.   Usually my blog is my happy place.  Aside from …

Our friend, Mena.

26 Nov. 2009 / 29 Jan. 2011 Aswan, Egypt / Cork, Ireland   Tonight I sent a text message to our friend, Mena, whom we met in Egypt.  Our trip to the land of the pharaohs was a whirlwind week spent seeing as many sights as we could, cram packed into a package deal with …