Featured photo: Celtic cross

Tuam, Ireland

Moss covered grave marker, or marcóir uaigh, outside St. Mary's Cathedral in Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland.


marcóir uaigh

Beautiful carvings.


Interestingly, and despite the name, St. Mary's Cathedral is Anglican/Presbyterian, rather than Catholic. 


What local history have you encountered lately?


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  1. There are five Celtic Crosses in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, near where I live. Kingston has a long and storied Irish tradition as many came from Ireland during the Irish Famine, and have continued to come. There is a vibrant Irish community that meets regularly to enjoy Irish music and dance. Last year I bought a bodhran and am slowly learning to play but have not been brave enough yet to play in public, only with friends.
    I love all things Irish, and look forward to the day I can return to visit. (I was there in 2006 when I walked the Dublin Marathon and then spent two weeks touring the country.)

    1. Hi, Christine! I think there are more Irish people outside of Ireland than on the island itself. It’s amazing how culture can spread and transform as people travel throughout the world. It’s a fascinating thing.

      Good on ya for getting a bodhran. Keep it up! :D

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